Calibrated for success — Defeating solid tumors with living medicines

Bio4t2 develops chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) therapies to treat patients with solid tumors

Bio4t2 develops CAR-T cell

CAR-T for Solid Tumors

Bio4t2 uses its exclusive PrismCoreTM platform to genetically modify T cells to express chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) tuned in the laboratory to recognize self-antigens when overexpressed on solid tumors. Using algorithmic learning coupled with biological observations, Bio4t2's technology generates CAR-T with effector functions that are activated as a function of antigen density. The calibrated CAR-T specifically attacks cancer cells that commonly overexpress self-antigen and spares vital normal structures that express reduced levels of the self-antigen.

Bio4t2's unique Bio-EngineTM further advances the treatment of invasive cancer therapies. This technology enhances persistence of CAR-T after infusion and avoids the need for preparative (lymphodepleting) chemotherapy before infusion. Both attributes are achieved by creating CAR-T that are engineered to be boosted in numbers upon interacting for circulating blood cells.

Bio4t2's proprietary Bio-StrikeTM technology helps safeguard patient wellbeing after receiving CAR-T. A safety switch is encoded alongside the CAR that can be triggered if clinically indicated. Activation occurs when an antibody is infused that binds to the switch signaling rapid destruction of the administered T cells.

PrismCore, Bio-Engine and Bio-Strike are used to produce Bio4t2’s lead product that is undergoing clinical testing. The CAR-T termed B4t2-001 (Product #1) recognizes the tumor target BT-001 that is overexpressed on lung, colorectal, gastric, pancreatic and breast cancers.

PrismCore and Bio-Engine are also being used to generate Bi-CAR-T (Product #2). An advantage of Bi-CAR-T is the ability to simultaneously target two antigens. This extends the range of solid tumors that can be recognized and reduces the chance of antigen-negative tumor relapse and therefore increases the numbers of patients that may benefit from Bi-CAR-T.

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PrismCore Platform produces CAR-T against solid tumors

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